Monday, November 10, 2008

Save the Rats?

While at one of the art studio/gallery on Saturday during our town's Art Prowl (see Saturday's post), I happened to hear an "artsy" person tell another prowler how she "rescued" a baby rat. I am telling you this was not a "pet" rat, but a garden variety rat. Apparently said baby rat had been abandoned by it's mother, or mother was blessedly (my opinion - not hers) killed. She told how she fed and kept it warm, but she knew that baby rat wanted back out in it's natural environment, so she took it out to her garden and placed it there and sprinkled herbs on it so predators would leave it alone. She had this rat in her house! UGH!

What the ...? There can't be that big of a culture gap between the north and south. Rats are well .. rats. They are vermin, they spread disease. Yeesh. She obviously never saw the movie "Ben."

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