Monday, December 15, 2008


Have I told you I hate going to the stores the last two weeks before Christmas. I do, I really do. DH loves to wait to the last minute to do anything and it really gets on my nerves.

So tonight we schlep off to the local drugstores looking for gift cards for a couple people on our Christmas list. At the first drugstore - nationally identified by its initials - I set off the alarm going into the store. Now that disturbs me. And embarrasses me. Needless to say, I beeped going out of there too.

Second drugstore - different chain - sure enough set off the security system on the way in. DH and I figure it's something in my purse, so I hand that off to him and walk through. Still set off the alarm.

At this point I am expecting lights to start flashing, cops to roll in and a trip to the pokey - they don't mess around down here with shoplifters. But since I set it off on the way in, they figure I am safe and wave me out.
DH things my static charge is setting things off - since every time he kisses me I get a shock.

In all this have not found the cards we are looking for - so we go to the other site of the initialed drugstore and do not set off any alarms. The lady at the cash register laughs and says I should check my jeans when I get home since they are the only thing new I am wearing. I figure if there is a security tag in them it would have washed out when I washed them. Sure enough, I get home and find a security tag still affixed tightly to the left pocket. Thanks Kohl's!

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