Saturday, December 20, 2008

This is what I was looking for!

Yesterday, with our balmy, non-rainy weather [first time in a week?] DH and I went out exploring the neighborhoods for Christmas lights. All I can say, is that there is no neighborhood that we can get to easily that has gone reindeer-wild on lights. You know what I mean? Those neighborhoods where there are so many lights, the space shuttle could find it. We found the odd house here and there that was decked out like mine, in a mild fashion, but nothing that really says "A really outrageous Christmas decorator lives here."

Until we drove to Algood. Let me say this about Algood, it is so small they share our zip code. As usual, DH made a wrong turn that turned out to be the right turn, because where our little misguided turn ended was at a house that was so fully decked out, it was amazing. And did I have my camera with me? No, I only had the camera phone. Unfortunately, Santa, who was out waving to passers-by did not show up in the pictures.

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