Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Bright Ray of Sunshine

I can't believe this year is almost gone. This time last year, DH and I drove by our vacant, yet fully treed lot on a trip up to Michigan to see my mom. There were trucks parked on it and we knew when we came back there would be about half the trees left. All in the name of building our house. Sure enough, on the return trip from snowy Michigan, the next drive by elicited the fact that our lot looked almost bare. Sure most of them were blighted dogwoods, but there were three or four mature oak and maple trees that came down.

So, I sit here on this windy winter's day and decide that It's a good thing we took the trees down in the wake of the snow and wind we've had lately. A few small branches have come down, but one of our neighbors lost a tree. The only thing holding it up is two smaller trees. The gutters have now been cleared of all the leaf fall, but still our two front oak trees are clinging to some of their leaves. I think they're waiting until Christmas to drop them!

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