Thursday, December 18, 2008


It sure seems like weirdos come out by the dozens at this time of year. A few cases highlighted in our local paper recently:

1. A woman sentenced to 8 years in prison for trying to hire a killer to kill her ex-husband. Her family thought she should get probation, because she was a good mother. Hello? The killer she hired was supplied with poison and a gun. Oh and the killer - undercover cop. Sad thing is, she will probably only serve 30% of that sentence.

2. Christmas thieves are out by the droves. A shoplifter who is notorious in the area for filling his cart and walking out of the store was caught finally. But it doesn't stop there - a woman caught breaking open packages of perfume and trying to steal $500 worth of perfume - also wearing a sweater she had stolen.

3. People's homes being broken into. Apparently small electronics and computers are hot items - literally this time of year. One woman interrupted a break-in at her home and retained some of her stolen items. The rest were recovered when police arrested the three thieves.

4. This one is the winner. Two mounted caribou heads were stolen from Tennessee Tech. Caribous - reindeer. No idea who the thief was, but my thought was he was wearing a heavy white beard and red suit.

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