Friday, July 6, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part 7 - The Staple remover

Yesterday, I got the staples removed from my incision. I am not a squeamish person, but some of those staples felt like they were imbedded all the way to the back of my leg, instead of being confined to my knee. But all 26 of the suckers are gone and are now replaced by 6 steri-strips. Now when I look at my leg, I don't feel like it is as sore looking. And that one staple that stood up at an odd angle - gone!

Therapy is going pretty well. Allison, my personal physical torturer, is working my knee hard to get the bend back. Believe me, I miss being able to bend it normally and scoot around in my desk chair.

Now if the outside temps would ease a bit ...

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