Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part Three

Well, I have been home a week, but it took some prep to get me there. First of all, on the day of discharge, PT came and walked me 100 feet down the hallway to the stairwell and showed me how to climb 3 stairs. And then climb down three steps and 100 feet back to my room.

Discharge was a fiasco, with the discharge nurse having me sign someone else's chart. Down to the main entrance in 95+ degree heat in the bright sunlight and carefully into my Odyssey and home. I knew the real work would begin the next day, but that first night was a comfort to be in my own bed with my husband stretched out next to me.

The next day, Monday, I started physical therapy at home with my therapist Allison. She is really good at her job, and doesn't seem to mind inflicting pain. Which is necessary to break through any scar tissue resulting from the surgery. She comes three days a week and then gives me homework to do. The hardest one is laying on my back and lifting my right leg. I fail tremendously at this one. The rest are coming easier.

Today, I felt confident enough to have hubs put the wheels on the walker. I'm getting around so much faster. Until it was time to make a bathroom visit, at which time we discovered the walker would not fit through the door. Hopefully I will graduate to a cane soon, which will make things even easier?

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