Monday, July 2, 2012

Diary of a New Knee - Part Four - Logistics

Can you imagine the number of events in our daily lives that we take for granted?  Bending over to tie one's shoe; getting in and out of bed or a chair;  making a trip to the kitchen; sitting comfortably on a commode. This last one about did me in and often reduced me to tears because a) the toilets in this house are too low; and b) the bar on the bedside commode dug into the back of my knee or thigh making it difficult to do what I wanted.

Yesterday, I added getting in and out of the car. My knee does not yet bend like it did before and the seat was just a little too high so that the edge of the seat sent shooting pains into my thigh and bending the knee to get it in the car .... well.

However I did get out for about a 15 minute trip around town. In 100+ heat with the a/c blasting away. It felt good to come home!

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