Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Dog-Cat

Our newest non-human family member (don't tell her) is Belle, younger daughter's 3 year-old-adopted cat. But she must be part dog, because she does tricks. She begs. Oh yes, as soon as you spend more than 30 seconds in the kitchen, she is there begging for whatever you are working on. And you can get her to beg nicely for a treat. Really. Also, we caught her rolling over several times. And she sits under the table while you eat hoping for crumbs. She won't eat them, but she waits for them anyway.

The cat part of her is elusive. Just try to get a good picture of her. While she expresses some interest in the camera, she won't hold still for a camera shot.
Finally, we decided a bribe was in order, so that we could get her to beg for a snack.  It worked. Belle loves her snacks. You can even get her to eat the snack right out of your hand.

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  1. Awww. I love my kitten. She's 4 though, not 3 :-) Her birthday is October 1.