Friday, December 9, 2011

Freebie Friday from My Memories

I have another exclusive quick page set for you from our friends at My Memories. I thought I'd tell you how I come up with the pictures for these pages. Usually, when I design a page, I have a picture in mind for it, so the page is totally designed with the picture in mind. With the quick pages, I look at the pages, how it is set up for photos, the colors and then pick the photos. Sometimes, like this week, that comes easy. Other weeks, it's a struggle. And since these quick pages are meant for use as two-page spreads, which I admit, I usually only do with these quick pages, it can be difficult.

But, as I said, this one was easy. My kids are crazy. Somewhere along the line they decided they were tired of the sweet sister photos and started hugging each other - viciously! You know, those are some of my favorite pictures. I've picked out some of my favorites for this two page spread.


 This is what I've done with the pages.

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