Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Speed Scrap!

It's getting crazy around here - what with rain, Christmas decorating, and more rain. And then there is Sunday Speed Scrap over at the My Memories FB page.  Jessica fortunately told us we would need a landscape oriented photo and so I chose one of my niece and her new hubby. Yes, they've been the subject of a scrap page before. Last one was utilizing "fancy pants" font and I used a quick page. This one I laid out on my own.

All I really added was the title and the photo. Not bad. Below is the one I did on Sunday. Each one of these speed scraps pushes me just beyond my comfort zone adding elements. The first one was done using MMS version 2 and the bottom was done with version 3, which is a little more user friendly, I think.

Copyright 2011, ACK, for Generational

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