Sunday, August 24, 2008

Downside of a Large Lot

One of the things we really like about our little town is the average lot size. As a general rule they are 100 x 200. Ours is slightly smaller than that due to the subdivision by the Original Owners. See, they built a garage on the east side of their lot that straddled the original lot line. Since they owned both lots, it wasn't a big deal for them.

Since Mr. Original Owner died a few years back, and Mrs. Original Owner no longer wanted to deal with the extra lot, she had it re-subdivided narrowing it down a bit to an area that is just under the usual half-acre.

This was fine with us. We ended up with the lot we wanted anyway, that had at least 50 trees on it. Turns out, there were more than that, because we ended up pulling down half that for a total of about 28 trees. While we are still left with about 28 trees, we can see 3 that need to come down. In December, when all this was taking place, we made wild guesses about which ones should go. What really hurt was bringing down the four 50-foot trees. DH thought the lot was devastated when we saw the aftermath, but now with the new house, there, he knows we did the right thing.

I know it is August, but we have a yard that is rapidly accumulating fallen leaves. Part of that is due to the severe drought we had last year, and the still drought-like conditions we are experiencing this year. The tulip poplar does drop leaves early, regardless, and the dogwoods are changing color and some dropping leaves too. All that is missing is the cooler weather. And the people with the rakes!


  1. I have lawn service. My teenagers weren't so hot about doing it without tons of nagging.