Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The New Olympics

Nah, I'm not referring to the previous two weeks of athletic competition, but the next two weeks of political Olympics. Apparently, it has been 52 years since there have been back to back conventions. It sure is making for some interesting viewing.

Day 1. Ted Kennedy wins a gold medal for the Lazarus jump. Many people have written him off due to his brain tumor. But being Ted, he was at the convention and stood and made a speech. Pretty Amazing.

Michelle Obama gets silver medal for her pulling foot out of mouth speech. She almost, but not quite, made up for her "This is the first time I have been proud to be an American" remark made during the primaries. The woman is a lawyer. She knows how to measure words. You will never convince me that remark was not made on purpose.

Larry King Live won the bronze medal for the most entertaining rehash of that days happenings. The nightly program has Republican critics this week and next week has Democrat critics.

Day 2. The Gold definitely goes to Hillary Clinton. One may not agree with what she said, but she sure put her message across. The message was vote for Barack, but nothing about him being qualified. Kind of interesting that. We know Hillary will make that run again. I'm sure she'll start campaigning again after the November election.

The silver went to Chelsea Clinton for calling her mom her hero. Would anyone believe her if she called her dad her hero?

And the bronze today went to whats-his-name, the governor of Montana. I found what he had to say pretty interesting and happen to agree with him about finding other sources of energy. But that should be a common thread among ALL the speeches.

I don't know how the medals will work out, but am sure that Obama will get one Thursday night. If he can't get a gold at Invesco Field, maybe the Dems should rethink their choice.

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