Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandkitty Sitting

While Obama supporter-alternate-delegate daughter is in Denver attending the Democratic National Convention, DH and I have been sitting for our grandkitties.
Their names, Luna and Tonks (of Harry Potter origin) suit them to a T. Luna, is a white cat with orange and black markings and Tonks is an orange and black cat. Both have orange and black raccoon-like tales.

Luna is rather shy until she gets to know you. By now, the critters know that when we come over we're going to feed them, clean up after them and play "mousie" with them. They love the little mousie game. Grams or Gramps will tug that little furry mouse for them and drag it all over until one or both cats makes their move. We've decided that there shouldbe a cat Olympics and that Luna would certainly qualify for a high jump.

Tonks is the adventurous and friendlier one. Neither cat really likes to snuggle with anyone but mom, but they do like to curl up right under your feet, making getting up from a couch a bit difficult at times.


  1. tonksie likes to cuddle with me.
    luna likes to sleep in my hair.

    also - you have to clarify 'obama supporter daughter' since both of us are :-P

  2. You aren't the one attending the convention.