Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday

We are at long last getting some serious rain here in the south. We've been under severe drought conditions for the last year. Unfortunately, there is some wind and lots of leaves are down. And it looks like I am growing a lake on my front lawn.

A friend tells me that Mars is supposed to be as close to the earth as it will be until the year 2227 tonight, 11:30 CDT. I think it is probable that we won't be able to see it through all the clouds and rain.

Watched the convention last night. Forgot how boring it is. I am continuously astounded how people state that they look up to Ted Kennedy. He sets such a shining example! Hello? The man is the responsible for the death of a young woman. Money still buys a lot! I want term limits. Gotta get some of these old farts out of power.

I've been doing some laptop research, searching for that perfect replacement for my old Gateway. I used to know what they were talking about, but now the OS's are so complicated. You have to choose between Basic, Premium, Business and Ultimate. Yeesh. Remember DOS? Oh well, the search continues for that.

Time to go feed and play with the grand-kitties while older daughter is at the Democratic National Convention.

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